Renew. Refresh. Revive.

Renew - Furniture Revival




Furniture Revival

I love to find unique budget friendly pieces in need of a little love, perhaps a little paint coupled with some elbow grease and some time investment...and turn them into a beautiful one of a kind showcase piece to add just the right touch to any room. It is so rewarding to take something that was once discarded, unwanted and breathe new life into it. Check out my work by clicking on the photo link to the left.

Refresh - Accessorize



Accessories are what really pull a space together and create that cohesive homey feel. They are hand picked items that really speak to the likes of the home owner and contribute to the overall design theme. Without accessorizing, your space can still look plain and unfinished with very little style. I am always on the look out for unique accessories and have even taken on the challenge of reinventing, upcycling items to utilize them for new create unique one of a kind decor items. Check out my gallery for some before and after transformations.

Revive - Reorganize



Do you have a room that is in need of a "facelift"? Has clutter taken over the space and you are in need of some reorganization to restore balance and functionality? Are you at a loss for just what to do with a space and need some design ideas? Maybe you have some ideas but just need some additional help with pulling it all together. Check out some of my before and after transformations by clicking on the photo link to the left.

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