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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

I am such a fan of upcycled junk art! Ever hear the saying “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure”? Well, that is certainly the case for me. Someone’s trash becomes this woman’s treasure!! There is always another “life” for a piece of hardware no longer in use, a rusty old tool long discarded, or a unique, funky drawer pull that has no match. I am so excited to share this project with you and show you exactly what that new “life” materialized into from the vision in my head.

My sister ordered a new outdoor grill which was shipped on a pallet, and also came wrapped in cardboard with pallet wood bracing the sides. She was all set to throw the pallet wood in the campfire pile but I scarfed it up for a future project. (Did I say that I really need to build a barn? My boyfriend tells me that all the time as I am always gathering items for some “future” project.)

Materials for Junky HOME art sign project

Materials and Pallet wood for project

The first step was to gather all my materials for my junk art sign. I knew I wanted to spell H-O-M-E with various different textures and materials. I did a quick trial run to lay out the materials in the format I wanted. I went back to my stash to swap out some items for others until I got the look that I was going for. Next, I did a light paint wash with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint © in Duck Egg Blue. I wanted the wood to show through, so after the paint dried, I lightly hand sanded the wood to distress it and give it that weathered look.

Painted with a dry brush wash of chalk paint

To secure the two pallet boards together, I used a couple of zinc plated braces. Using my handy, dandy drill and some screws, I attached the braces to the back side of the pallet wood.

Securing pallet boards with metal braces and screws

I used some U tacks and wood glue to attach some of the hardware. The drawer pulls, I secured with machine screws from behind. (Took me numerous trips to the local hardware store to get just the right size for my project and those pulls! If only I had that barn! I would have more places to store the right hardware, tools etc!) More wood glue to affix those stone pebbles in the shape of an “M”. Some clamps to hold the rusty hardware pieces down until the glue dried. The “E” was a bit of a challenge. I really wasn’t sure what I would use to secure that piece (What exactly is that?!!) Anyway, the thickness of it was my struggle. I didn’t have any U tacks that were BIG enough (and neither did my small local hardware store….yes, you guessed it, yet another trip!!) So, I searched through my hardware and came across some unused hardware which I believe was originally meant to be used to wind the cord of a window blind around. See why I never throw something away!! Another “life”! When I screwed them on, they bent nicely around whatever that piece is, and secured it well. Finished off the “E” with a couple small craft clothespins attached with wood glue.

Junk art HOME sign just about finished

Now you can see my vision! After the wood glue dried, removed the clamps…and Viola!! Fini... My Unique Junk-ique Pallet HOME sign!

My Unique Junkique Pallet HOME Sign

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