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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

So I have been living here for 7 years with a laundry closet…in my one and only bathroom…OF ALL PLACES!! Not at all ideal but hey, you have to live with the cards you are dealt. And this house had the laundry on the main floor IN THE BATHROOM!

This closet has always bothered me, in that I like organization and this was one of the most chaotric spaces in my house (besides the kitchen cupboards, my son would say! But that is another project for another rainy day! We have so few months of nice weather here in Upstate NY, that you have to relish any NICE day and be outside so I save the “projects” for a rainy day…or snowy day…or gray, ugly day…we get a lot of these!). And that is what I decided to do with the laundry closet. Save it for a rainy day. Well, the rainy day came and I decided to tackle it. Sometimes I get on 3 projects at once. I think I am only DOING THE LAUNDRY, and then I look at the closet that BUGS me, and decide to CLEAN that out and REORGANIZE, and I may have taken the laundry out and get started on making the bed, and putting the clothes away, only to realize that I have too many clothes that I haven’t worn, AND start to clear out the unused clothes from the closet. Like I said, sometimes 3 – 4 projects at once! So I continue to focus on the laundry closet (did I mention that has been bugging me!?!).

I started with clearing out all the shelves and putting new contact shelving paper on them. (The stuff that was on there was H-I-D-E-O-U-S! I mean from the early 70’s probably!). Once that was done, I felt like that alone made it look a whole lot better. I found some off white pop up cloth storage cubes in my basement not currently in use. I gathered those up and filled them with all the miscellaneous cleaners, etc that I had stacked on my shelves in plain sight. (I wish I had the forethought to take the BEFORE shot but this is my first attempt at blogging, so who knew?!). I added some turquoise vinyl numbers for an eclectic touch made with my Cricut machine. A bunch of folding and strategic towel placement on the shelves, and some accessories and it was all starting to appeal to me…FINALLY!. I filled an old jar with the dryer sheets and clothespins. Added a touch of greenery in a clay pot. Rolled all my washcloths and stored them in an unused, almost discarded pottery piece I bought years ago at an art show (See why I never throw things out…always, ALWAYS another use…another “life” for them.)

I did a couple of wall art projects…and old piece of wood with my Cricut stencil “Laundry” and some printed clothespin art (in Turquoise to complement the numbers on the bins!) One more Cricut project: “WASH & DRY” wall decal and wall pocket with some faux flowers.

I know. Call me crazy. It is JUST A LAUNDRY closet, but I crave ORGANIZATION and aesthetically appealing surroundings. I am so much more “IN SYNC” with my new laundry closet REORG!

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