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Updated: Aug 16, 2018

So wow, what a hectic day at work! Now I am in "wind down mode". This involves connecting with and satisfying my inner spirit by writing about something I LOVE, a glass of wine nearby (another LOVE of mine!)...and sharing it with my fellow DIY-ers. Now if that isn't a great way to end a hectic day, then I don't know what is! Feeling the calm washing over me already!

So, I don't know about you, but I am always on the lookout for that curbside treasure. Some people throw out the BEST stuff!! When I drive down the road...besides having my eyes peeled on the road, I am always scoping out any curbside items. I get so excited when I make a great find!

Just the thing happened to me last weekend. While running some errands around town, I saw a sign for a garage sale. I decided...why not check it out?! As I drove by, I noticed it was mainly baby items (I am WAY past that era!). Almost turned around to head back, when I noticed just up ahead… CURBSIDE ALERT! Someone had discarded a bunch of desk drawers! I immediately loaded those up...ideas already popping into my head on how I could utilize them. HIGH FIVE, right?!! What a find!

Discarded Desk Drawers before upcycling project

Discarded Desk Drawers before upcycling project

I started right into my first project using one of the desk drawers. I gathered a wire basket, a small wooden peg rack and a paint brush. I painted the drawer and the peg rack an off-white color. After the paint dried, I hand-sanded it to lightly distress. Love the farmhouse look! The front edge of the drawer made a perfect upper ledge for what would transform into a wall storage unit.

Materials used for upcylcing project

After painting with off white chalk paint

I attached the wire basket to the drawer with some machine screws and washers. I attached the peg rack with screws. I liked it but something was missing!

Finished wall unit but still missing something

C-R-I-C-U-T! I am loving all the embellishments I can make with my Cricut machine. And since I am so in love with the farmhouse look, I decided to do an "Our Nest" vinyl sticker. Once applied and staged with some faux greenery...well, now can you see the potential of those curbside drawers?!!

"Our Nest" Embellished....

Farmhouse Wall Storage Upcycling Project - Completed


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