Funky Junky Deck Drink Station

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

Hey Guys! I woke up the other day thinking that I just had to redecorate my deck and add a drink station. ( I often times get my inspiration during the night! Sometimes so, that when I have a particular project in my head, I get so excited that I am not able to sleep!) My deck here is very small. Not sure why the previous owner would have added such a small deck! In fact, it was a deck that led to nowhere. Completely closed off with no access to the yard. My first project was to add a set of stairs and then I had mainly used an outdoor seating table with an umbrella for years. With the table that seated 4, that was all I could fit out there.

Soooo…..I got it in my head that I wanted to redo it with more of a conversation setting in mind. I had no outdoor coffee table …or the drink station that I had my heart set on. I was thinking I would have to comb yard sales or antique stores to find what I may want to use for the base. Then it dawned on me to check under the house in the storage area. AND THERE IT WAS! I had an old rustic, rough cut 2 x 4 workbench that my dad had passed along to me years ago for my woodworking projects. It was not being used for anything as of late, and I had even forgotten that I have shoved it down there. I pulled it out, hosed it off and could envision what a sweet little drink station that I could turn that into. I pulled an old window from my “future project” items storage in my garage. ( I am always picking things up that I find discarded by the side of the road). This particular one was missing glass in the left pane. It didn’t matter because I quickly went to work stapling chicken wire in its place. I added a couple mismatched hooks and did a quick project on my Cricut. I cut a vinyl saying for pane with the window. “Enjoy the Little Things”…enough said. Simple and to the point! The perfect saying for a lazy evening on the deck, with my peops and some wine. Next, I wandered down to the basement and found some old mismatched “L” brackets. All the better that they were mismatched and peeling paint patina! Perfect! I attached the window to the base with the brackets and began to see my vision coming to life..

Funky Junky Drink Station Upcycle

I knew I needed to protect this from the elements. Rain can quickly cause damage to anything constructed of wood, so I added some brush strokes of Thompson Water Seal and let it dry. I also cut some pallet wood to create a shelf. I got a galvanized bucket to place behind the shelf. This would be perfect for a hot summer day, add some ice and some refreshing drinks of choice, and just ENJOY! I love the Funky Junk look so I added some various numbers, some metal garden trellis that I picked up at a garage sale for $5 for a bundle. I think it added the right touch of whimsy! I dug into my treasures and found some additional junk to add: Beer caps, metal dragonfly, an old sliding hanger and got busy nailing, gluing and screwing into my piece. I had found something by the side of the road when I went on my dog walk (we walk for miles a day). I have no idea what it was, but I drilled a couple holes and hung it. It would serve well as a towel bar! I even added an old used up AE gift card that I had cut up and thrown out, and decided that it would be a nice patch/visual element, so I pieced it all back together and using painter’s tape…lined it up and glued it on. Once dry, removed the tape and I am loving the addition!

Added some battery operated twinkle lights around the window and I am ready for day and now evening! The glow they provide just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy and perfect for an evening under the stars! A few more decorative touches: Metal pocket with greens, a couple of citronella candles in galvanized buckets, and it was finished! I lugged it out to the deck and placed it under my upcycled GROW shutter (another of my projects!) and I absolutely am IN LOVE with how it turned out! My Funky Junky Drink Station is ready to be enjoyed. BRING ON THE WINE!

Drink Station Embellishments

Now my deck is bright, inviting and welcoming! It even feels BIGGER if that is possible! I will be sharing in a future post my little rustic coffee table that I also upcycled from some garage sales finds. Be sure to check back!

DIY Drink Station - Bring on the Wine!

#FunkyJunk; #Loveit

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