Deck Coffee Table - from Scratch

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

As promised, I mentioned that I would also be posting an article about my deck coffee table. In my previous post, I talked about my revelation of a Funky Junky Deck Drink Station and how it came to fruition. Now I will walk through the rustic coffee table and how it came to life one day.

Deck Coffee Table - DIY

So…I knew that you can’t have a conversation space without an anchor (Oh, and of course, a place to put your drinks, right?!!). Well that anchor vision in my head was a coffee table (of sorts?!). I knew that I wanted my new deck space to be light and airy with a rustic twist. See….I absolutely LOVE natural elements. Simple. Earthy. I came upon this base at a barn sale one day. There it was. No price. No idea what its previous life was. (Do you?) I just found it interesting. Good lines (Literally!!). So I grabbed it up and went up to pay. I mentioned that someone had just brought this into the sale and there was no ticket price and inquired as to the cost. She hemmed and hawed and said, “How does $3 sound?”. Well, sounded great, but this was a benefit for someone who was going through a tough challenge in her life and all proceeds were to go to her. I said that it was worth all of $10 to me, so I paid the women and was on my way home with my treasure. At that time, I was not sure yet, WHAT that treasure was to become, but I did know that one day it would have a purpose. And Today was THAT day!.

I found a couple old small pallets in my stash of “future projects” storage (always good for a rainy day!). These pallets, I had no idea what they were in a past life either as they were not your traditional pallets! But they would work! I added some hardware to brace the 2 small pallets together and they would be the top to my rustic coffee table. The piece I found at the barn sale was to be my base. I added a set of casters to the base so that it would raise it up some and be able to roll it. I left the top so that you could lift it off, so that I could stage the inside with something (wasn’t sure what, but knew it could benefit from something…perhaps some greenery, or faux candles. Something.)

I was driving home from work one day and passed the local Dollar General. I wandered in to see what they had in the Garden/Outdoor section and I found these wonderfully, beautiful, yet inexpensive mercury treated mason jars. Love the detail of the rope handles! AND…they are battery operated with twinkle lights inside! What a find! I snatched up three of these and they have found a new home within the base of my new deck coffee table. Lighted at night, they add an additional bling to my new patio theme! Beautiful, aren’t they?!!

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