Clipboard Revival

Updated: Aug 16, 2018

So if you don’t know by now, I LOVE Goodwill, Garage sale and vintage finds. Flea Market Flip is one of my FAVE shows! I get so excited about my little projects! Maybe this will be my retirement gig, who knows? At least, it keeps me busy. I have always had a creative side that screams to be addressed. I have not been fortunate enough to have that as my money job, but it is a dream none the less. I envy my grandfather who was a graphic advertising designer and artist and was able to work every day doing that which he loved. My son, who is INCREDIBLY talented, also has that creative outlet in a chosen field. (He truly has the God given NATURAL talent. The kid can draw ANYTHING!! A chip off his GREAT GRANDFATHER’s block – I say). After all – isn’t that the goal? Work at something you love?! Not so for me, but maybe one day. Enough of my ramblings of my short comings. So …my creative outlet is all for fun but a much needed outlet none the less. It is what gives me pleasure!

This clipboard project spurred from an idea on Pinterest as many of my ideas that don’t come to me in a dream or in the middle of the night, do spark from. (Addicted to Pinterest…just sayin’). So I started with a clipboard that I got from Goodwill for .99 cents. I added some interesting scrapbook paper and mod podged it to the clipboard. I added some buttons, scissors, twine and some misc house numbers (from my “future projects” stash). Mod podged some old music paper that I hand ripped along the edges over the scrapbook paper and finished with a wide piece of cloth ribbon.

Clipboard Revival

Here is the finished product. I staged this in a wire and wood basket that I decided to hang from the wall and added some accessories: metal copper sphere, steel container with old paint brushes, a bottle painted white with some twigs, old books (minus the covers), and an old music flash card. FUN!

Clipboard Revival - Wall decor

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